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Experience Medical is well poised to provide sourcing, consulting, and products services to our own affiliate networks and various industry clients. Through our own experience and managing of our own projects that include hospitality, real estate assets, pharmacies and other medical offices, Experience Medical has put together comprehensive:

  • Crisis Management Plans 

  • Pre-Opening Plans Post Covid-19

  • Operational Transformation

  • Welfare & Safety Plans

  • Resilience/Continuity Plans

  • Technology Solutions Plan/Remote Virtual Work force plans

  • Social Media campaigns/strategies

  • Leverage group purchasing for affiliated networks

  • Act/Represent as Buyer's Agent to minimize time and fraud

These plans have been beta tested in our own properties to insure that we've learned from our own mistakes and take into account best in class practices/standards.

We welcome clients to speak to us directly how we can assist them. To date we have provided over 1000 hours of consulting services to assist our clients/partners through this time period. 

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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