About Us

About Experience Medical

Experience Medical is a veteran owned small business built on principal and value proposition to its stakeholders. Formed by two business savvy entrepreneurial executives who are passionate about give back and practicing conscious capitalism. There is an immediate dire need to provide personal protective equipment to their own properties/assets and various industries. 

  • Inadequate current supply of PPE for Healthcare workers, Deemed Essential Staff and general population across the entire US.

  • US Manufacturing capabilities unlikely to match demand for 6 months to 12 months

  • Experience Medical is leveraging its' exisiting infrastructure from its' hospitality company by dedicating all of its resources to satisfy the acute need for PPE for their own properties and affiliated networks that are aligned to FDA and NIOSH approved standards. 

Our mission of "Taking Care of People" allows us to be nimble, responsive, and flexible as we curate and cater the needs of our clients/partners.. More importantly we don't sell or provide any services that haven't been tested on our own properties. 

Providing you with the customized options to address your needs in a timely manner

Sponsorship and Value Proposition:

  • Healthcare Industry Knowledge: Thought leadership and best practices applied through US pharmacy industry and healthcare space: Dr. Afzal

  • Proven PPE Vendor: EM is an established provider of PPE currently fulfilling significant equipment orders for major hospital systems and municipalities including their own affiliated properties that include hospitality assets, pharmacies, urgent cares, and networks. Dr. Afzal

  • Sourcing: EM has a robust supply chain/logistics processes because of its' parent company and is able to directly source PPE from a diverse range of manufacturers and suppliers both in the US, China, S. Korea, and Taiwan. Established Supply Chain. References available.

  • Entrepreneurial/Scalability: Proven ability to deliver for customers, then scale platforms with out compromising each customers needs: Mr. Shahab

  • Social Conscious: EM is a minority, veteran owned small business that will be donating PPE and proceeds from all sales to a wide range of needy recipients: Mr. Shahab